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Palaeoscience, Human Evolution, Geoarchaeology of Karst Landscapes, Archaeological Physics Associate Professor of Palaeoanthropology & Geoarchaeology, Director of The Australian Archaeomagnetism Laboratory (TAAL) & Australian Palaeoscience Field Schools in South Africa College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Archaeology and History Martin Building and Biological Sciences 2, Melbourne (Bundoora) BSc, Archaeological Science; MSc, Geoarchaeology; Ph D, Archaeological Geophysics & Palaeoanthropology Academic Associate Editor of: J.

Ar/39Ar dating of the Siberian Traps, USSR Evaluation

Human Evolution, Geoarchaeology Archaeology I am currently an Associate Professor and Director of The Australian Archaeomagnetism Laboratory (TAAL) and the Human Evolution and Landscapes Lab, as well as the Australian-South African Palaeoanthropology and Geoarchaeology Field Schools at the Drimolen hominin and Amanzi Springs Palaeolithic sites in South Africa.

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I undertook my BSc in Archaeological Science (Honours in Australian Stone Tools), MSc in Geoarchaeology (karst geology and cave stratraphy), and Ph D in Geochronology-Palaeoanthropology-Archaeological Geophysics (Palaeomagnetismand Magnetostratraphy) at the Dept Archaeology and Geomagnetism Laboratory of the University of Liverpool (UK).

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What is Relative Dating? - Law of Superposition,

Since that time I have worked at the Geophysical Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Science and the Anatomy Dept. I hold honorary positions in the School of Environmental Science at the University of Liverpool and the Centre for Anthropological Research at the University of Johannesburg.Biological Anthropology 200H Flashcards

Faunal correlation dating:

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